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Minimal invasive surgery

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✓ High-speed DICOM, PDF, JPG and more viewer for high-quality images without compression.
✓ Unlimited sending of studies to patients and referring physicians.
✓ Voice dictation included in the system.
✓ Secure storage (PACS) of studies for 10 years included.
✓ Patient and physician portal for easy study management.
✓ Free installation and unlimited number of studies.
✓ Integration with digital agendas to facilitate patient management.

✓ Scheduling (RIS) included in the system with reminders to reduce no-show.
✓ Unlimited access to users.
✓ Training included for the use of the system.
✓ Compatible with any mobile device, tablet and computer.
✓ Multiple backups to protect studies.
✓ Attention in Spanish available 365 days a year.
✓ Personalization of the system with the image of the institution.

✓ QR code included in the reports for easy access.
✓ Constant updates and improvements to offer a high quality service.
✓ Upload studies from any computer or workstation.
✓ Access for administrative and reception to facilitate study management.
✓ Option to attach notes and scanned documents to reports.
✓ Integration with artificial intelligence (AI) technology to improve efficiency and accuracy.
✓ Dark mode for comfortable viewing in different lighting environments.

✓ Detailed and easy to understand productivity statistics.
✓ Study list management tool with advanced filters for easy searching and organization.
✓ Unlimited templates to create customized reports.
✓ Automatic saving of progress to avoid loss of information.
✓ Patient experience (CX) evaluation.
✓ Personalized and continuous counseling to provide support to our users.
✓ Included connection with enterprise management systems (ERP), laboratory information systems (LIS) and other related systems.


NUBIX allows you to use integrations that offer additional functionalities that make your experience more powerful.


The answer to your scheduling problems. Simple and robust, online scheduling for your hospital or laboratory integrated with NUBIX RIS PACS and connected through Modality Worklist.

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Artificial intelligence

Leveraging artificial intelligence to improve care. Milvue offers deep learning algorithms integrated through NUBIX into the daily medical workflow.

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Entry form

NuupHealth is the most accurate and easy-to-use differential diagnostic tool. NuupHealth’s integration with NUBIX allows you to obtain relevant patient information before the patient arrives for the study.

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Remote interpretation

Remote interpretation of imaging and radiology performed by specialists. Remote interpretation or teleradiology improves patient care by allowing radiologists to provide services without having to be at the patient’s location.

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Make your appointments happen. Taim is a virtual assistant that connects with your Google calendar and allows you to send automated confirmations and reminders via WhatsApp to your patients.

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3D Printing

3D service that provides customized healthcare solutions from 3D orthoses, models for guided surgery and 3D printed ultrasounds through its imaging, radiology and 3D scanning service integrated with NUBIX.

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Medical document translation available in multiple languages integrated with NUBIX, facilitating translation and reducing the time and costs associated with sending documents to external translators.

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About us

Our commitment is to drive digital transformation in labs and hospitals, fostering innovation and efficiency in the processing, diagnosis and delivery of results.

NUBIX is the perfect solution for your hospital or laboratory, allowing you to store medical images securely and access them from anywhere.

In addition, NUBIX is compatible with all operating systems, which facilitates its integration with other administration, medical history and digital diary systems.

NUBIX is quick and easy to install, and requires no wiring or servers. In addition, we offer transparent and clear pricing, and we offer an automatic volume discount with Spanish language support to all your users. Don’t waste any more time and start taking advantage of our platform!

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NUBIX offers you a complete solution for immediate access to studies and reports in the cloud for both your patients and referring physicians. Our platform allows automated uploading of studies and unlimited image storage, enabling you to send reports and DICOM images online to your referring physicians.

In addition, our system offers online access compatible with mobile devices, such as cell phones, computers and tablets for the patient, which reduces imaging costs and avoids unnecessary second visits.

Our storage offers the highest image quality and guarantees secure access for 10 years at no additional cost.

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We focus on working with clients who are committed to the security and availability of patient information, and seek to provide an excellent experience at all times.

Our support team is formed by biomedical engineers who are ready to understand your needs and provide you with the best attention and service in Spanish.

At NUBIX, we develop our own technology. Our in-house development team makes improvements and updates to our platform at least once a month.

We believe that our objectives must be aligned with the success of our customers. Therefore, we prioritize the development of new functionalities according to the real needs of our customers.

Success stories

The company that leaders of small and large companies around the world trust to help them grow and prosper.

Speed and satisfaction for the patient and the treating physician.

Dr. Valentin Z.

We avoid having the patient come back for her printed study. It is much more environmentally friendly. For us it is excellent to send images in case of urgent studies for timely attention.

Dr. Jesús Z.

It is very agile and physicians like to be able to access their patients’ results as quickly as possible.

Dr. Victor G.